What can Operation Be On Time

Do for your school?

Why choose us
  • Track when a student is late to school or class.
  • Know when and where a student left class.
  • Create amazing no-nonsense reports.
  • Export data to excel, csv, or pdf.
  • Manage student and user data.
  • Very intuitive to use for anyone.
  • Your data is always secure with backups.

how it works

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What is

Operation BOT

Quick & Intuitive

Operation BOT was build with ease of use in mind. It is extremely easy to use. There are no one hundred page manuals to read.


Although the app is very easy to use, we provide excellent support for our clients. Support can be provided through email, phone, or in person.

Unique Design

Operation BOT's design makes it a pleasure to work with. Everything looks great and works as expected.

School Colors

The web app will have a custom theme with your school colors and logo.

Data Backups

Rest easy, your data is secure with us. We provide daily backups on various servers.

Feature Request

If you find a feature that you would like to be added, contact us and we will get it done.


  • Login with SID

    Students check in and out with their school provided student id.

  • Tardy History

    Upon checking in tardy, students see how many times and when they were late.

  • Who is out

    Teachers see who is currently out and how much time they spent out.

  • User Groups

    Users belong to one of three groups: Faculty, Office, and Administration.

  • CRUD

    Users can Create, Read, Update, and Delete tardies and passes easily.

  • Friendly Reports

    Users have access to reports. Administators hae extra school-wide access.

  • Admin Backend

    For added security, only administrators can CRUD users and students.

  • Data Backup

    Protecting your data is our priority. Your data is backed up daily.

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